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Discover Your Purpose, direction, path

in only 21 days

integrate all wisdom into your own personal life

find satisfaction with NEW Ascension strategies of your mind

With Morrin Bass, Ph.D.


21 Days of Continuous Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Wisdom

Personal Spiritual Mentoring Program

Creating and Manifesting Your Future Today

A spiritual hypnosis program for real people, who want happiness, satisfaction and peace.



because this is what you are doing now, not taking action to live your live intentionally, purposefully. It's not your fault! You just didn't know.... Now you do! and have the opportunity to experience real life achievement.

Receive information how you can begin to

Become aware of yourself

Become intent in your awareness

Direct your transformation

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"Before I met Morrin I could not trust myself and could not present myself as I wanted. I am now able to use my wisdom every day, I have become more trusting, knowing what to do, calm and most importantly, independent in my thinking and decisions." Lisa 29.

" I totally enjoyed the process during the 21 days of discovery and I feel connected and on the right path now. I feel much wiser now..." Karen, 46.

"Oh, by the way, I got a new job. Ha-ha! Only now I begin to realize how unaware I was before I met you!" Sandra, 44.

"Morrin, the spiritual work with you over 21 days made me more aware how I can use my skills in my real lif, and how I can use my potential. " Monique 38.

"WOW! Nothing like it! Total revelation! What wisdom, what an amazing journey!" Irene, 53.

"It seems timely for me to have this spiritual discovery journey." JP, 48.

"Wow, Morrin, thank you. Very enlightening. Nothing like it was described in the book, but so purely mine." Erica, 42.

"I feel so connected to my earthly body and to my divine soul at the same time. I feel whole." Kris, 33.

"What a journey, seems like I am making it up, yet, so vividly and so relevantly. I am astonished at how it all falls into place for me and my questions are all answered before I even asked them." Ramona, 39.


Together we begin to manifest your future today through your luxurious experience of creative exploration of your past, healing the patterns of failure, learning the patterns of success, integrating them in your future, make it your present.