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Guided Imagery


At NEW YORK AWARENESS CENTER we offer individual sessions in Guided Imagery and other healing modalities and advanced techniques. We also offer self-help hypnosis tapes and CDs. All sessions and classes and seminars are offered at a convenient schedule in a conveniently located office in New York City.

What Is Guided Imagery


Guided imagery, a technique used for centuries, is now increasingly being used in personal, professional and healthcare settings as a powerful tool for stress management and coping offered during a session in a professional office under a supervision of certified professional facilitator. The purpose of this technique is to reframe the past negative feelings and perceptions in order for you to begin to feel better and to progress toward your goal. Personal privacy ensured and enhanced by total professionalism of the qualified NGH facilitator. Read here about Morrin Bass- your personal professional certified Instructor.


Morrin Bass, Board Certified NGH Instructor, Reiki Master, Teacher Facilitator


Guided imagery is a process of incorporating your own power of your subconscious mind in a mind-body intervention aimed at easing stress, and promoting a sense of peace and tranquility at a stressful or difficult time in your life. It is a process aimed to assist the body to heal past traumas, past perceptions, maintain health or relax by way of an inner communication involving all senses, (i.e. visual, touch, smell, sight, sound). It forms a balance between the mind, body and spirit. Guided Imagery has a wonderful affect on heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen consumption, immune system healing, sexual performances and hormonal balances.

Conditions healed, controlled or facilitated by Guided Imagery:

  • blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • heart dis-eases
  • headaches
  • gastric conditions
  • breathing
  • pains and discomforts
  • pre-natal or birthing discomforts

ALSO alleviating

  • depression
  • sadness
  • grief
  • emotional perceptions
  • anger
  • guilt
  • frustrations

AND facilitating

  • attention deficit
  • memory
  • concentration
  • personal effectiveness
  • goal orientation
  • learning abilities
  • motivation
  • personal energy
  • new skills amplifications

ALLOWING YOU to move on in life, get ahead and restore your balance, create new more successful patterns in your life and creating your personal energy and motivation to achieve your happiness and success.

Relaxation is essential for imagery to be successful as it allows the mind to be open and receptive to new information. We teach you relaxation exercise in which your body will record the relaxed state into every cell and you will be able to achieve this state further on your own. Not only does it reduces muscle tension, but also enhances the subconscious production of images and triggers the unconscious, which stimulates the emotions.

When you mind is trained to become more quiet and tranquil, in a peaceful state, it is clear and more open to suggestions. It is then able to retrieve the information from your own subconscious bank of positive images and the suggestions that may enhance physical and emotional healing. Guided imagery is most successful when the mind and body are quiet and still. Facilitated by a professional in a professional and safe environment in a one-on-one session guided imagery then become a great tool for you to enhance the body response to mind images stimuli.

Who Is A Better Candidate for Guided Imagery

You. No question about it. Everyone has the ability to learn to relax and tap into the wonderful state of mind and undiscovered and endless imagery potential of our mind. Our professional facilitator will teach you new skills you will  be able to take home and practice and you will be coached through the process with creativity and skill you will definitely enjoy. Healing can be very enjoyable and fun. Guided Imagery is one of such types of healing.

Audio Help

Some people feel uncomfortable "opening up" or expressing their fears to others. The use of an audiotape offers them privacy and contributes to the psychological and spiritual well being by helping them find meaning and direction. An audio-recording contains healing relaxation and positive suggestions for your inner wisdom and healing.

The Process Of Guided Imagery

As you are in a comfortable, quiet and safe environment of a professional office, your professional facilitator gently guides you into a state where you feel calm safe, relaxed, still, peaceful, tranquil. A common guided imagery technique begins with a general relaxation process asking the person to slowly close their eyes and focus on their breathing. They are encouraged to relax, clear their mind, and imagine surround themselves with images that are peaceful and calm.

When using guided imagery soothing music and tranquil sounds may be introduced to enhance the background effect. Clients are encouraged to focus on the "present moment", the here and now, and if possible, to tune out thoughts and ideas that may be racing  through their mind.

You are taken to a safe and special place in your imagination. Personal response often brings about a state of "enlightenment" which in turn leads to relaxation, serenity and peace.  Often a "mental connection" with support persons such as dear friends, loved ones or mentors is experienced, sometimes your own inner wisdom introduces a peaceful and loving advice and guidance. The overall feeling of the imagery session centers on inner strength, courage, and resilience. The message conveys the importance of learning from the past, embracing the lessons learned and moving forward in life, emotionally and physically. Through the story created around you and your personal symptoms, you are gently guided to an imaginary place in the mind where they feel safe, peaceful and protected where you are healing and feeling happy and safe. Sometimes the story will unveil a problematic symptom, which will heal as brought to awareness through this technique.

Guided Imagery heals and produces the following effects on our body and mind:

Reduces and/or completely alleviates

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Pains / Discomforts

  • Allergies

  • headaches

  • and many other symptoms!


  • wound healing

  • cell recovery

  • bone healing

Assists mind in

  • better sleep

  • coping with loss, grief

  • emotional independence

  • control over emotions

  • control over illness

Helps us in

  • building self confidence

  • self esteem

  • healthy lifestyle

  • creating new goals

  • better lifestyle

Guided imagery is a simple, low cost tool that has been demonstrated to increase dignity, self-esteem, independence, and control that is often lost when faced with emotional trauma or illness.


Single sessions:

One 2-hour session $250

Blocks of Sessions:

Save $$$ subscribing to your personal transformational program (to be pre-paid at your first session):
$1250-$1125 -  6-session program

$2050-$1750 - 10-session program

$4050 $3250 - 20-session program


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